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Heal Well

Curated events and programmes for the wellness of your mind, body, soul and spirit

Conducted by proven experts and combining multiple values and benefits to bring you the best value. Please message us for more details and the full programme for each event or programme. Events and programmes are scheduled on an appointment basis (except for events with dates declared) and can be conducted at both Foozoo Mantra Colombo or Foozoo Mantra Weligama.


Tarot Card Reading Colombo Sri Lanka.jpg

Tarot Card-based
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This is an individual session of two hours duration (minimum) where with the help of Tarot Cards and a Chakra reading, The Reader will journey with you to self discover your limits and opportunities. This will enable you to course correct or better align yourself with your values and goals. A deeply revealing experience accompanied by an aura cleanse, mini sound therapy, breathing lesson, auric sweep self healing lesson and Grounding movement therapy. Snack and tea with a conscious eating lesson. This session is equivalent to years of conventional Therapy

Conducted by T D Devapura

Duration: 2 Hours + 

Price: Rs.7000.00

Type: Individual

Reservations: +94 760 445 030

Sessions organised in Colombo & Weligama by prior appointment. 


sound healing and energy healing Colombo

Evening of cleansing, resetting & healing

These difficult times are driving a lot of us into fear and confusion. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the right focus, intention and a focus on love, we can rise above and venture into a reality in which light and happiness reigns. This is the purpose of this event where Facilitator will take you through a Sound-bath Auric Cleanse, a mini self healing lesson, and an introduction to grounding Thai Chi. She will also share dietary guidelines and point you towards lifestyle changes in an event that also features snacks, music and a trans-formative experience.

Conducted by T D Devapura

Duration: 4 Hours + 

Price: Rs. 6500.00

Type: Group

Date: To be Announced

Reservations: +94 760 445 030

Sessions organised in Colombo & Weligama by prior appointment. 


Authentic Ayurvedic Massage Colombo Weli

Authentic Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic massage embodies the wealth of wisdom spanning thousands of years and uses the medicinal properties of all natural healing oils to relieve your body from stiffness and pain. Select from a therapy session of 60 or 90 minutes (or longer) in consultation with your therapist/healer, who has countless hours of experience under his belt. As a yoga instructor who is also versed in spiritual practice, Yersin will bring a deep healing to your body that will also reflect in your general wellness, spirit and outlook.

Conducted by: Yersin Raissov

Price: Rs.5000/- for 60 Minutes

Price: Rs.6500/- for 90 Minutes

Type: Individual

Reservations: +777 7099 2297

Sessions organised in Colombo & Weligama by prior appointment. 


Thai Yoga Ancient Massage Colombo Weliga

Nuat Boran /Ancient Massage

Thai Yoga Massage, or Nuat Boran/Ancient Massage as it is known in Thai, is a combination of assisted Yoga, Acupressure, Reflexology and Physiotherapy. It involves the systematic massaging, stretching and positioning of the body parts in different Yoga Asanas, that helps in relieving stress, promoting convalescence in case of injuries and certain ailments, as well as general wellness. Yersin as both a certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor has countless hours of experience and an ability to cater the therapy to your unique requirement and elevate your body, mind & spirit.

Conducted by: Yersin Raissov

Price: Rs.5000/- for 60 Minutes

Price: Rs.6500/- for 90 Minutes

Type: Individual

Reservations: +777 7099 2297

Sessions organised in Colombo & Weligama by prior appointment. 


Psychedelic LSD ACID Tripping Sri Lanka.

A guided journey into the universe

Guided by the teachings of the late Mr. Albert Hofman, this is an all night therepautical rewiring of yourself at a molecular level with the use of Psychedelics. Our team will work with you throughout the night, with the use of sound, light, breath-work, aromatherapy, energy, body realignment, cleansing and healing practices through different levels of breakthrough. The event will feature a sacred mandala, food and beverages and music throughout. You will leave the event feeling refreshed and rewired as per your heart's calling. A diet plan and preparation guidelines will be shared in advance.


Functional Fitness Training Colombo Lady Female Instructor

Functional Fitness Sessions

Combining an eclectic mix of “own body weight” exercises you will build upon your existing flexibility, balance, strength & endurance. Sessions are inspired from the principles of a variety of disciplines and can range from Pilates to Yoga or HIIT to Animal Flow. The intention is to enhance your body’s functionality through natural movements while harnessing power from your breath. 1st session (of a pack) will be complementary so you can assess if this type of workout suits you.

Conducted by: Rue De Silva


Drop in class = 1500/-

Pack of 5 classes = 7000/-

Pack of 10 classes = 13,000/-

(Class packs valid for one month)

Reservations: +94 76 044 5030


Life Coach Sri Lanka.jpg

A clean mind is a healthy mind. Sleep well, focus well & live well

Do you have problems with sleeping all night? Do you have to analyse everything and always come up with some destructive thoughts that make you feel stressful and irritated?Are you scared of what the future will bring us? Are you worried about what would happen if you lose your job or will lose someone you love? In this seminar we will go through tools that will show you what to do to calm your mind, sleep well, be focused and have clear mind.

Sarah offers Group Classes and Individual Classes as well as Zoom Classes. Please contact us to receive rate card.

Heal Well: Services

Our Health & Wellness Team

Meet our team that has a wealth of experience. From traditional Ayurveda practices, to contemporary mindful practices, plant medicine and ceremonial rituals. We offer group sessions as well as one on one sessions in Colombo & Weligama.


Yersin Raissov

Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Hello everyone. I am certified massage therapist and qualified yoga instructor. I have a vast experience in the hospitality industry offering my therapies and yoga classes at a leading 5 star hotel in Dubai, boutique hotels in Sri Lanka and wellness centers in Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and Dubai.

My certifications in massage include Ayurvedic massage from Pranadha Ayurvedic Hospital, Kerala, India, Thai Yoga Bodywork from Inner Mountain School of Healing Art, India, Swedish massage and Aromatherapy from Fie Massage Courses, Sri Lanka.

With my background as a professional athlete coupled with my knowledge and experience in various types of massage and yoga, have given me a deep understanding of the human body allowing me to give the best suited therapy to bring your body back into balance. Contact me on +77770992297 to set up an appointment at Foozoo Mantra Colombo or Weligama. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-16 at

TD Devapura

Diploma In Psychology From ACHE
Certificate in Hypnotherapy CIRP
Trained Reiki Healer 
Sound Healer (Vocalist) 

Music Composer 

TD Devapura combines Reiki (Energy healing) and psychotherapy into her practice. TD offers a very effective healing process that enables her clients to see immediate benefits. This is by helping you realise your own strengths and weaknesses and making you a partner in the healing process. This process helps deal with underlying emotional issues, past trauma and blocked Chakras. 

TD is a master of sound. A natural fascination with sound and in-depth study has made her a fantastic practitioner in the area of sound healing - elements of which she incorporates into her healing sessions.

She is also a trained voice artist (vocalist). As such she is able to combine her vocal talents to the sound healing process. 

A quick one one one session is held for individual sessions and group sessions, enabling TD to understand your unique situation and the healing sessions are curated and envisioned around these needs. So each session will be different. 

A journey that began from her closest friends and family now extends
to anyone who is interested to experience one of a kind counselling/healing experience with TD, who is also a passionate activist in the area of Vegan cuisine and Food therapy. She has served at various Cacao ceremonies, Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies and Psychedelic healing sessions. 

Heal Well: Team Members
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