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The Foozoo Story

A story of love and friendship

On most weekends, Dinesh & Damith would hop on their trusted Toyota Prius and travel through Sri Lanka. And in the process they would discover the magic of the island and meet people from all over the world with whom they exchanged thoughts and ideas. This inspired us to set up our own Bed & Breakfast and the first Foozoo was set up in Colombo 08 in 2016.

Following are some pictures from our first Foozoo

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Foozoo Takes Flight

Bjoern joins the boys

in 2017, Bjoern, a long time friend of Dinesh & Damith joins Foozoo as the company is incorporated and shifts to a 7 bedroom Villa in Colombo 05. In 2019, Foozoo adds a second villa in Colombo 05 and offers a total of of 16 rooms. 

Both properties; Mahasen by Foozoo and Mahasen Terrace by Foozoo are a hit with 100s of extremely positive reviews. Travellers fall in love with Foozoo because of its chilled out vibe and colourful ambience - always soothing the weary traveller and starting friendships that continue to this day. Foozoo was also much loved for being pet friendly and welcoming a diverse mix of guests. Foozoo was and continues to be an LGBT Welcoming business that works closely with the local community. 

Here are some fond memories of our time in Colombo 05

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